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    Do any of the following descriptions sound familiar?

    • You feel anxious and afraid when faced with an upcoming dental appointment.
    • You’ve had bad experiences with dentists in the past that make you hesitant to seek out care.
    • You have teeth that are extremely sensitive or a gag reflex that’s strong.
    • You have difficulty becoming comfortably numb through normal means.
    • You find it very difficult to sit still for long periods of time.
    • You’re in need of several, complex dental procedures that need to be completed as soon as possible.
    • At Dr. Shannon McCarthy’s practice, she and her team members do everything in their power to create a stress-free, casual atmosphere where patients of all ages can feel at ease. However, if you’re a match for one or more of the above conditions, you may need a little extra help to feel comfortable. That’s where sedation dentistry comes in! These techniques are designed to relieve negative emotions and create a sense of genuine relaxation, allowing your treatment to go as smoothly as possible.

    Why Choose Shannon H. McCarthy for Sedation Dentistry?

    • We Listen To Our Nervous Patients & Take Them Seriously
    • Board-Certified Dental Anesthesiologist
    • Able to Drastically Reduce both Mental & Physical Stress

    Nitrous Oxide

    Nitrous oxide is more commonly known as “laughing gas,” and it’s a great choice for patients who need just a little extra help with feeling comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Patients inhale the gas through a mask that fits over the nose, and once it’s removed, the effects go away within minutes. This means you can even drive yourself home from your appointment!

    Oral Conscious Sedation

    Oral conscious sedation is a type of sedation where patients are provided with a prescription and instructed to take it at a certain time before their appointment. Once the effects take hold, you should enter a deep state of relaxation while still being aware enough to respond to Dr. McCarthy’s requests.

    IV Sedation

    IV sedation is a more advanced form of sedation that’s administered intravenously. This allows our team to control the dosage amount easily and ensure that you’re completely at ease. Dr. McCarthy has undergone advanced training in dental anesthesiology, and she’s fully licensed and certified to provide IV sedation and the rest of these helpful techniques in New York.

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