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Safe ozone therapy is an alternative treatment that we can use to help activate your immune system, enhancing the body's ability to absorb and use oxygen. Ozone (O3) is a colorless gas that consists of three oxygen atoms. Dentists use safe ozone therapy to fight gum disease and tooth decay by eliminating bacteria in the mouth.

Safe ozone therapy is available at Shannon H. McCarthy DDS in Williamsville and the surrounding area. Safe ozone therapy can treat a variety of dental and general health conditions like infections and viral diseases by limiting the effects of microorganisms. This therapy can limit the effects of microorganisms, such as protozoa, yeast, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

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    It has often been said that there is no medicine as powerful as oxygen, and starved of oxygen, the body will die in about six minutes.

    In a natural healthy state, the body is constantly regenerating and renewing itself and oxygen plays a vital part in this. In dental use, ozone is made by passing pure oxygen through an electric coil which gives it three atoms, instead of two, making it O3, a highly potent from of oxygen with remarkable medical properties.

    Ozone is a colorless gas made up of 3 oxygen atoms. Found in the Earth’s stratosphere, ozone’s primary purpose is to protect the Earth from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation by absorption.

    In medicine and dentistry, ozone is used as a therapy that improves the body’s intake and use of oxygen while activating the immune system. Ozone therapy is used to treat infections and conditions by disinfecting the area around them. Not only does this limit the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast, but ozone therapy also improves the body’s intake and use of oxygen and activates the immune system.

    Ozone has been used and studied in medicine for decades. After being used on wounds in World War I, its application showed not only the ability to disinfect, but also the ability to aid in blood flow and have anti-inflammatory effects. The effects of ozone therapy have proven and consistent with minimal side effects. However, special techniques must be used and done so by a professional as ozone can be harmful if not handled and utilized properly.

    What Safe Ozone Therapy Can Treat

    By incorporating safe ozone therapy into our dentistry treatment, we can help treat a variety of oral health issues. The oral health issues that we can help treat include but are not limited to:

    • Tooth decay
    • Dental infections
    • Cavities
    • Periodontal disease
    • Gum disease
    • Sensitive teeth
    • Failed root canals

    Safe ozone therapy is a non-invasive method to remove harmful bacteria from the mouth. In our office, we irrigate the mouth using ozonated water to flush bacteria out of the gum tissue, use ozonated gas to reduce bacteria in a tooth before placing a filling and use it to help reduce sensitive teeth. Ozone can be used to slow the rate of decay and also to help sanitize an extaction site after tooth removal. Ozone gas can also be used to help treat sinus inflammation.

    The Safe Ozone Therapy Process

    Ozone therapy is popular with dentists as a non-invasive method to kill bacteria in the mouth and fight off infections and tooth decay. Some of the possible methods for administering ozone to the body include:

    • Injection: Medical professionals are most likely to deliver ozone using this method
    • Ozone Insufflation: This is popular with dentists fighting off oral bacteria
    • Ozonated oil: Olive oil is infused with ozone and applied on the body
    • Ozonated Water: Ozone can be infused in water for consumption
    • Autohemotherapy: This involves drawing the patient’s blood, mixing it with ozone and sending it back into the bloodstream

    Benefits of Safe Ozone Therapy

    Ozone therapy provides a variety of benefits like fighting off teeth and gum infections, improving brain function, and speeding up the healing process. It can help clean out veins and arteries, which improves blood circulation. Safe ozone therapy can help promote improved blood flow, the response of the immune system, faster healing, and not cause allergic reactions.

    We can go over the details of safe ozone therapy during an appointment and determine if it is the right treatment for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does safe ozone therapy take?

    As a dentist, we will most likely administer ozone through the use of an ozone generator. By using ozone, we can help to kill harmful bacteria in a 20-minute session. However, the amount of time may vary per patient.

    How does ozone therapy work?

    The mixture of ozone and oxygen in a person's blood creates an aerobic environment that is not conducive to the growth of anaerobic microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. The known benefits of ozone therapy continue to grow as medical professionals conduct more research.

    How effective is ozone therapy?

    The medical use of ozone therapy goes past a hundred years. Ozone has many therapeutic effects and can treat a wide range of dental and health conditions. Since each patient is unique, we will need to evaluate if the patient is a candidate for safe ozone therapy during an appointment.

    Will I need multiple appointments for ozone therapy?

    In some cases, yes. The number of appointments the patient will need depends entirely on the patient's overall condition. We will go over this and other factors during an initial appointment before determining the most effective course of action. We will customize the treatment to the needs of each patient.

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