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    While Dr. McCarthy and her team always strive to keep care as minimally invasive as possible, oral surgery may become necessary at times to relieve infection or improve oral health. Don’t worry, though – we approach each individual case with a holistic viewpoint in mind, promoting natural healing and biocompatible solutions. Your comfort is always a top priority as well! To learn more or to schedule a first appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us here in Williamsville.

    Why Choose Shannon H. McCarthy for Oral Surgery?

    • Extractions with Piezo Ultrasonic Technology For Safe Infection Removal
    • State-of-the-Art Biocompatible Bone Grafting & Ozone Treatment
    • Cavitational Osteopathosis Evaluation With Revolutionary CBCT and referrals to treating practitioners

    Complete Tooth Extraction

    Losing one or more natural teeth is never our first choice for patients, but there are some reasons why this service can become necessary and even beneficial for your overall health. These include:

    • A tooth is badly decayed and can’t be saved
    • A tooth has a root canal with an infection that can not be treated
    • A tooth has lost bone support from gum disease
    • A tooth has suffered a serious injury and can’t be successfully restored
    • A “baby” tooth needs to be removed to make way for an erupting permanent tooth

    During your extraction procedure, Dr. McCarthy and the rest of our team will make every effort to keep you comfortable and at ease. She has performed thousands of dental extractions and uses many advanced technologies to promote better healing outcomes. We use dental anesthetic without vasoconstrictors to promote healing blood flow to the area, ozone gas to kill bacteria and pathogens, the patient’s own stem cells called PRF and PRP as well as taking the time to remove the periodontal ligament after the extraction with a piezoelectric handpiece. In certain situations, we may be able to use demineralized pieces of the patient’s own tooth to use as a bone replacement graft. We may also recommend sedation dentistry as a helpful aid that increases relaxation. If the teeth need to be replaced, we’ll be sure to start reviewing potential options with you right away so that any time spent without a complete, strong smile is as short as possible.

    PRF/Ozone & Biocompatible Bone Grafting

    Dr. McCarthy uses PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) when providing bone grafts for patients in need – why? Because unlike more traditional techniques, this advanced material is created from the patients’ very own blood and natural tissue, making it 100% natural! During a simple chairside procedure, this new material is seamlessly installed as the perfect grafting matrix, creating dense and robust growth that can be wholeheartedly relied on.

    Laser Tongue-Tie Release

    The presence of a tongue or lip-tie can negatively impact the health of young children, making it more difficult to learn proper speech and even breastfeed properly. This condition occurs when a band of oral tissue (known as the frenulum) that is abnormally short or tight forms a connection between the floor of the mouth and the tongue or lip. Here in Williamsville, Dr. McCarthy can eliminate this frustrating tissue in a safe, minimally invasive fashion with laser technology. There is no cutting or scalpel use involved, as well as very little to NO bleeding. The entire process only takes a few minutes at most.

    Sinus Lifting

    If you have lost natural teeth in the upper jaw, a sinus lift will most likely be required in order to have dental implants successfully placed. This is because bone gradually shrinks and resorbs over time, and the sinus expands to fill the empty space as well. During this procedure, Dr. McCarthy will create a very small opening in the bone and then gently lift the sinus back towards its original position while also adding biocompatible bone grafting material. Once healing is complete, we can rebuild your smile!

    Biopsy of Suspicious Lesions

    During checkups, Dr. McCarthy may discover an area of suspicious oral tissue that is discolored, strangely swollen, or otherwise concerning. If this occurs, rest assured that she and her team will take action immediately to properly diagnose any serious infections or cancers that could be present so that the proper treatment can begin as soon as possible. A small piece of the lesion in question will be safely removed and then submitted for microscopic evaluation during a dedicated biopsy.

    Evaluation for Cavitational Osteopathosis with CBCT

    Virtually everyone knows what a cavity is, but “cavitation” is a much less understood term in the dentist’s office. A cavitation is a hole in the patient’s jawbone that cannot be properly detected through visual inspection alone. These lesions are often found in old sites where natural teeth were extracted or underneath areas where root canals were previously performed. They can spread extensively over time and may even penetrate the sinuses without intervention. Thankfully, Dr. McCarthy uses CBCT technology to help diagnose the presence of cavitation and can refer you to a practitioner for treatment. Dr. McCarthy does not provide treatment for cavitations but she will help you connect with a surgeon who will.

    Removal of Failing & Infected Root Canal Treated Teeth

    Your teeth communicate directly with your body in a variety of ways, and when root canal therapy fails or results in an infection, this communication becomes a serious concern. These types of infections have close access to blood circulation, and research has demonstrated that root canal failure may even contribute to the development of systemic disease. If Dr. McCarthy discovers troubling symptoms, she may recommend the safe removal of these teeth as soon as possible to preserve your overall quality of life.

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