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We can use PRP/PRF treatment to help patients to heal faster while also helping to reduce the risk of complications after dental and other types of surgery. The acronyms stand for platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin, respectively. PRP/PRF treatment involves extracting plasma/fibrin from the patient's blood and applying concentrated amounts of it to the area that needs treatment.

PRP/PRF treatment is available at Shannon H. McCarthy DDS in Williamsville and the surrounding areas. While this treatment is a common form of treatment for athletes, it can also help with the healing process in medical fields, including dentistry.

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    PRP/PRF Treatment in Dentistry

    Benefits of PRP/PRF treatment can include helping to speed up the healing process after surgery, decreases the risk of infection, and can help reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medication after the procedure. PRP/PRF treatments in dentistry can include:

    • Bone grafting for implants: PRP/PRF treatment can help to speed up the recovery period after bone grafting procedures performed to close a cleft lip, perform a sinus lift or to give a patient the bone density they need to be eligible for implants.
    • Bone tissue repair: PRP/PRF treatments can be used for the reconstruction of facial trauma, repairing problems caused by the extraction of a tooth or growth.
    • Fistula repair: This involves repairing the fistulas located between the sinus cavity and the mouth.

    How PRP/PRF Treatment Helps You Recover After Dental Surgery

    PRP/PRF treatments are often used by dentists to speed up the healing process after dental surgery, such as tooth extraction or a bone graft. There is no risk of disease transmission since the plasma or fibrin comes from the patient's blood.

    Most patients experience increased comfort immediately after their treatment is over. Other benefits associated with PRP/PRF treatments include:

    • Lowers the risk of infection: We apply the PRP/PRF to the surgical site after treatment. It seals the area from microorganisms that can cause infections.
    • A faster rate of recovery: Applying PRP/PRF to a surgical site can help to stimulate growth, which can help to promote a quicker rate of tissue regeneration. A shorter recovery period reduces the risk of complications and infections. It also leads to increased comfort during the recovery period.
    • Convenient and safe: There is no risk of disease transmission since the plasma or fibrin used comes from the patient, and only a small quantity of blood is necessary for it.

    What to Expect During a PRP/PRF Treatment

    The process typically starts with an assessment to determine if it is the right treatment for you. People with blood clotting issues might not be eligible for the treatment. In most cases, we will draw about 2oz of blood from the patient. We will place it in a centrifuge that separates fibrin from red blood cells.

    A second centrifuge will separate the platelets. The fibrin and platelets are applied once the patient's surgery is over, and any incisions made are stitched up.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can anyone get PRP/PRF treatments?

    People with certain health conditions like blood clotting problems might not be eligible for the treatment. Patients are evaluated on an individual basis to determine their eligibility. We will also go over possible

    Is PRP/PRF safe?

    Yes, it is. Only a small quantity of blood is drawn from the patient to extract PRP and PRF. The platelets and fibrin in the blood are then extracted using a centrifuge. It takes only about 15 minutes before the PRP and PRF formed are ready for use.

    Is PRP needed for all bone grafts?

    No. It comes down to the patient's unique case. PRP/PRF treatments are beneficial in most cases since it speeds up recovery and increases the bone tissue present in these areas. For those looking to get dental implants, PRP shortens the time they need to wait after a bone graft.

    How long does a PRP/PRF treatment session last?

    The entire process can be completed in as little as half an hour. It takes only a few minutes to draw about two oz. of blood from the patient and about 15 minutes to separate the platelets and fibrin from the blood.

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