SMART Dentistry and Mercury Removal

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Wondering why someone would choose the SMART dentistry option to remove mercury from one or more of their dental fillings? This method removes older fillings that contain various amounts of mercury. Once mercury fillings are removed, a safer filling option is then used to repair the tooth.

About biologic dentists

Learning that biologic dentists use SMART dentistry techniques to remove mercury from one’s fillings allows those who want mercury removed from their mouth to do so in a safer manner. Biologic dentistry focuses on a patient's overall health, as well as their good general dental health. This means biologic dentists will look for any underlying issues that are causing a patient to experience dental-related problems.

Reasons to choose this type of dental professional may include the following:

  • They utilize the most recent dental technologies
  • They focus on using minimally-invasive treatment options
  • They use less toxic materials
  • They use more biocompatible materials
  • They place a large focus on dental health
  • They focus on the root causes of their patients' dental problems

Removing mercury using the SMART method

SMART stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Mercury Technique. This mercury removal method was created to safely remove mercury from dental patients' amalgam fillings, as the current removal procedure heats mercury during the removal of it, which can cause patients to inhale mercury vapors. These can lead to a wide variety of general health problems.

Here are three facts that everyone should know about using the SMART dentistry technique to remove mercury from one’s mouth.

#1. SMART is for patients who have mercury fillings, which contain about 50% mercury

Dental fillings, called amalgams or silver fillings, with half of the metal being mercury need to be removed in a safe and efficient manner. It is essential for a dentist to remove them from the patient's mouth safely, as the more mercury contained within a filling, the higher the need to use safety precautions. Protecting the health of patients is important, as mercury can cause someone to experience a number of systemic health problems, e.g., rashes, neurological issues, anxiety and depression, ringing in the ears.

#2. SMART dentistry uses many safety measures

Patients who choose to undergo the SMART dentistry removal technique can feel confident that the process will be done safely. It requires dentists to minimize any negatives that can occur when removing mercury from fillings, making this a multi-level safety process. Examples include using a high-volume air filtration system, protecting the patient's skin and giving patients a charcoal rinse after the procedure has been completed.

#3. Dentists who provide SMART dentistry must be certified

SMART certification is offered by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and is necessary for dentists who want to offer their patients this safe mercury removal option. Coursework and study is required as well as case presentation to prove the dentist’s skill and correct use of the technology meet the requirements to become SMART certified.

Ready to remove mercury from your mouth?

While other types of dental professionals may also offer mercury removal services, choosing a biologic dentist allows patients to have the removal performed in a safer manner to reduce the exposure to the neurotoxin in mercury.


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