What is Biologic Dentistry?

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Biologic dentistry is a term that not a lot of people are familiar with, but you may have heard of holistic dentistry. Individuals who are health-conscious are often eager to explore alternative ways to approach dentistry, which is why biologic practices have grown quite popular. Below is an overview of biologic dentistry, including what it is and how it compares to other fields in dentistry. This information can be helpful to individuals who are looking for alternative ways to maintain their oral health. Ready to find out more?

Understanding biologic dentistry

Biologic dentistry defined

Biologic dentistry focuses on the negative effects that dental materials, procedures and practices have on the whole body. The practices of Western dental medicine are combined with alternative methodologies to create a field that focuses on dental health, while ensuring the good health of the entire body at the same time. Biologic dentistry is mercury and fluoride-free, both of which are commonly used in traditional dentistry. 

How does it differ from other forms of dentistry?

Biologic dentistry is actually very similar to traditional practices; however, more attention is paid to the health of the whole body. Biologic dentistry may also be considered holistic dentistry. Traditional dentistry only focuses on the health of the oral cavity. A Holistic Dentist cares for the oral cavity in a way that ensures the entire body is also healthy and safe. 

While different, there are a lot of similarities. Traditional dentists and holistic dentists both aim to provide top-notch oral health care to patients of all ages. A lot of the procedures and practices are the same in biologic dentistry but use more conservative approaches and different more biocompatible materials. 

Other things to know

It is important to understand that biologic dentistry and holistic dentistry are interchangeable terms. They both imply a focus on the body and mouth, which means the two play a role in the health of one another. For example, if the oral cavity is in bad shape, it is likely that the body will also suffer. Similarly, when there are health conditions throughout the body, the oral cavity may eventually suffer as a result. Because of this connection, biologic dentists focus on other factors outside of the oral cavity. Diet, sleep, stress and exercise are all considered by biologic dentists when treating patients who have oral or overall health conditions.   

Learn more about holistic dentistry

When wanting to learn more about biologic dentistry and what it entails, it is best to consult directly with the dentist. Questions can be answered and concerns can be addressed, both of which can be helpful when considering the different options that exist in searching for a holistic dentist. Reach out today to learn more or to get started with a consultation appointment. 

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